What is Summer Camp Breeze?
Great Online Camp Management for Non-Profits
What is Summer Camp Breeze?
Summer Camp Breeze is online camp management software, purpose-built for non-profit organizations which host camps for children with cancer and other special needs.
After working with camps in Colorado for years, Summer Camp Breeze was built just for the charity camp community. It's capable, beautiful, and affordable.
Tried and True
Knowing that there would be much to learn along the way, Summer Camp Breeze has taken its time in opening its doors for more camps to join. After two years of operation, and the creation of thousands of volunteer and parent accounts, it's now time to help more families, volunteers, and camp administrators. We hope you'll decide to become a member of our growing community.
A Community of Support
Unique Challenges
When it comes to camps for children with cancer and other special needs, limited funding means that not all applicants can be accepted. In order to increase the chances that their children will get to go to camp, many families would like to apply to multiple camps, but the amount of paperwork involved can be substantial. Even if each camp uses an online application process, parents still need to create accounts at multiple sites, learn new systems, and enter the same information over and over.
A similar situation exists for volunteers, but for different reasons. After having volunteered at the same camp a few years in a row, many volunteers are willing to lend a hand at other camps. And many college students are interested in supporting camps, not only out of a genuine desire to help others, but in the interest of furthering their educations in medicine, social work, and other fields.
And administrators of non-profit camps would love to expand awareness of their camps, but advertising budgets are normally kept small, allowing more to be spent directly on sending kids to camp.
Unique Solutions
Summer Camp Breeze was built around an entirely new concept: allow parents and volunteers to create online profiles that can be used, year after year, to apply to any of the camps being managed on the site. Not only does this approach make it much easier for parents and volunteers to apply to multiple camps, it provides many advantages for the Camp Administrators.
Having a single, large community means that each new camp which joins is immediately visible to thousands of parents and volunteers, resulting in more applications from both groups.
Camp Administrators can see whether their applicants have already been accepted to other camps, and whether their volunteer applicants have supported other camps in the past and any notes the other administrators may have shared about them.
Further still, a whole suite of Synergy tools has been developed to allow Camp Administrators to learn from each other using a message board system, to find out when each session of camp will be held, and to share the contents of their waivers and medical forms.
Praise from Camp Administrators
"This site was built with expertise, expansive knowledge of systems, and detailed attention to the audience. It is not only fully functional and sophisticated but also user friendly beyond the level the customer can even articulate. The Summer Camp Breeze website is one of the best I've ever worked with and it exceeds my expectations every day as a key driver of the success of my business.

I have worked extensively with information technology leaders and website developers in a variety of industries for over 20 years. Still, it was not until I began using this tool that I understood the true capability of a system such as Summer Camp Breeze."
- Tiffany D.
Camp Nighthawk Ranch
"As an administrator using Summer Camp Breeze, I find the depth and extent of features extremely helpful in communicating with our many and different stakeholders: donors, board members, camper families, volunteers and support staff. Sharing updates with the board and volunteers is quick and easy. Camper demographics are particularly valuable in communicating quantitative data to our funders about the scope of our program."
- Darla D.
Camp Wapiyapi
"Thank you so much for building this site! It has made managing our camp so much easier... "
- Pam W.
Sky High Hope Camp
"SCB has really helped streamline our medical forms for Wapiyapi. The web-based platform has allowed families and volunteers to access our custom forms easily and simply."
- M. Macy
Wapiyapi Board of Directors
Praise from Parents and Volunteers
"The site is beautiful, easy to use, and making me really excited for camp! Thanks for all your hard work in getting this going!!"
"Thank you so much for making this so much easier. No glitches, easy to understand, very user friendly."
"Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!! The site you created for Wapiyapi and Sky High Hope has saved me at least 2 hours of my time and seriously reduced the amount of paper that will end up in landfills or recycling. I absolutely love it and am very thankful that you spent the time to create this gem! Nice work!"
"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for making this process so easy!!!"
"Great job and very convenient..."
"The site is terrific! Thanks -- this made it so much easier for camp."
"So exciting!  I just logged in as a volunteer and went through the whole process.  It went very smoothly! I really love this program.  Thank you so much! I really appreciate all your hard work and dedication!"
"This is an awesome site, easy, maneuverable... Well done!"
"Summer Camp Breeze is so well organized and user friendly! As a volunteer at camp Wapiyapi for the last 11 years, it's been wonderful to see how much easier the process has become for volunteers and families to sign up for camp since Summer Camp Breeze! As a volunteer who has also spent many many hours sifting through applications, organizing spreadsheets, matching campers, creating teams, and trying to contact groups of people as camp approaches, Summer Camp Breeze has made the administration side of this process infinitely more efficient and streamlined! Thank you so much!!"
"I love it!!"
"Amazing... could not be more user friendly. Great job!!"
"WOW, this site was SO easy and simple to use. Clear, quick and complete."
"This site is wonderful, and super easy to use. I love this site!! Thanks for all the hard work that was put into its creation!"
How SCB Works for Camp Adminstrators
Create a Camp
Once you have created your administrator account, you can start adding Camps.
Basic Information
Name, Slogan, Description, Details about how you run the camp.
Add Volunteer Roles
For volunteers to indicate a preference and for you to make assignments.
Add Electronic Waivers
Collect signatures for your waivers as Parents and Volunteers apply.
Add Paper Medical Forms
Applicants download and print custom forms for physicians or others to complete.
Add a Session
Add sessions to your camp for the coming year.
Basic Information
Session Dates, Date Window for Accepting Applications.
Add Teams
For you to make assignments in grouping participants.
Manage Your Camp
When your application window opens, Summer Camp Breeze shines.
Manage Applications
Review applications, Manage acceptance status, Move applications to other active sessions, Record notes and receipt of medical forms and other materials.
Assign Volunteers to Roles
Based on their preferences, their reasoning, their experience, and your needs, assign accepted volunteers to the roles you created for your camp.
Assign Companions to Campers
If you assign a volunteer to accompany each camper during camp, make these assignments manually, automatically, or a little of each, using matching scores.
Assign Everyone to Teams
Keep an eye on numbers assigned to each team, volunteer roles filled, and companions with their campers.
Make Your Decisions Visible
Once everything is decided, make your decisions visible to your applicants.
Manage Your Records
Print your applications or download the information into a spreadsheet.
Beyond the Fundamentals
Together, the community of Camp Administrators is greater than the sum of its parts.
Message Board
Ask questions, find answers. Share what you know.
Shared Waivers
Read what others have done to gain insight for managing your own camp.
See when other camps have scheduled their up-coming sessions of camp.
Shared Medical Forms
See what information others are asking for.
Learn more about your applicants demographics and the applications themselves using the built in data analysis tools.
Navigate oceans of applicants with ease, using adaptive filters to select just the group you want to see. Send an email to everyone on your custom list with the click of a button.
Ready to get started?
Try it for Free
You can create an account and enter your basic profile information, then add camps, sessions, and other information with no obligation, but your camps will not be visible to applicants or other camp administrators until you activate your account.
If you decide that you would like to use Summer Camp Breeze to help manage your camps, you can pay online for account activation at a cost of $750 per year.
Complete the small "Create Account" form below to begin.
Still have questions? Send an email to support@summercampbreeze.com.